The Gardiol

Southwest Italy, and its efforts to save a dying language

Gardiol constitutes a diasporic Alpine Provencal language, spoken in Guardia Piedmontese, an Occitan speaking town in Southern Italy. The community is located in the Cantabria region in Cosenza Province. It is still taught in schools, with approximately 340 speakers. Guardia Piemontese is the only town in Calabria where an Occitan language is spoken. 

Gardiol is also spoken in several regions of France and Northern Italy, in addition to Calabria in the South of Italy. Gardiol is said to be incomprehensible to French Occitan speakers due to the fact that is has diverged for over 700 years, in isolation in Italy.

Work by Pietro Monteleone indicates that the language is not entirely endangered, and is still spoken as the primary language in several families. However, UNESCO positions the language as severely endangered.

The Gardiol

Listen to and read exerts from the Gardiol community.

Terric Lausa, with an example of the Occitan speaking of the Gàrdia in Calàbria (Guarda Piemontese) in 2012.


Terric Laura, with an example “Gardiòl: occitan de la Guardia Piemontese” in 2011.