Cretan Folklore Dance Troupe

The purpose of the Folklore Dance Group “Cretans” is the preservation and revival of tradition, history, folk culture, customs, and ethics of our place as well as the dissemination and promotion of traditional dances and musical instruments of Crete.
The Troupe has officially represented Crete and its culture, in collaboration with organizations such as the Municipality of Athens, the Municipality of Peristeri, the Municipality of Megalopolis, the Pancretan Union, the World Council of Cretans, the Prefecture of Chania, the Herod Theater the Athens Concert Hall, the Municipality of Evrota, the Lyceum of Greek Women of Chalkida, Arsakiou Psychiko, the College of Athens, the Ecole de danse “Fanouris Trikilis, the Artistic Organization of Pontian Athens, the music production company” Melodikos Karavos ” the Aetolian “, the International Foundation Philip II, the Women’s Association” the South “, the” Troubadours “of Kifissia, the association of Rethymno” the Arkadi “the Union of All Sfakians, the association of the Cretans of Palifaros, Glyfastia, Glyfastia, Mrs.
The Cretan Folklore Group has a large wardrobe with traditional Cretan costumes (some exact replicas of 6th-century costumes).